Basic Life Support (BLS)

BLS is for the patients who need medical
transportation & it contains patient bed, pulse oximetry and
oxygen delivery devices.

  • Basic life support vehicles are successful for the patient who wants to get treatment at home after taking leave from the hospital.
  • Patients transferred to sub-acute care facilities or who are discharged to home care.
  • It would have been a low cost vehicles equipped with good features.
  • These vehicles are very successful in providing quick response to pregnant women during emergency.
  • Ready to help patients injured in road accidents.
  • Ambulance is available at low cost for the discharged patient from the hospital to home
  • Oxygen and stretcher facilities are available in this ambulance.
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Advanced Life Support (ALS)

ALS ambulance is equipped with a ventilator,
ECG, Oxygen, monitoring Screen, cardiac monitor and
paramedic staff.

  • ALS is fully equipped to handle patients needing life support.
  • ALS Ambulanceis well equipped with tools and equipment similar to a hospital emergency department or critical care unit.
  • ALS ambulances carry critical care equipment including an ECG monitor, defibrillator, intravenous and blood drawing tools, etc.
  • ALS Ambulance is staffed by highly trained paramedics ready to be dispatched to emergency situations where patients require a higher level of care.
  • The fiber-reinforced plastic is designed to prevent bacterial growth inside the ambulance, which can lead to deadly infections.
  • The ambulance is provided with separate sections for storing a defibrillator, cardiac monitor & ventilator.
  • The highly spacious interiors of the ambulance, houses mount for syringe pumps and installing central gas management system.
  • ALS Ambulance recommended for transporting cardiac emergencies and serious patients battling for life.

Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulances contain ventilators, defibrillators, infusion pumps, balloon pumps, oxygen cylinders, trained doctors, & nurses.

  • Ground Ambulance provides onsite primary medical care and shifts the Patient to the Nearest Stabilization Centre to preserve the Golden Hour.
  • The cost of the services will range from Rs.1.6 to 2 lacs per hour.
  • ALS ambulances carry critical care equipment including an ECG monitor, defibrillator, intravenous and blood drawing tools, etc.
  • The Paramedic/ Doctor will approve the mode of Transportation (Ground and / or Air Ambulance) and will alert the Emergency Dispatch Management unit.
  • All life-saving equipment will be available on board and even the most serious patients can be shifted
  • With the introduction of this network and the existing services in Delhi
  •  MAA Ambulance Services will be accessible to people living across India.

Train Ambulance Service

It is used for long distance transportation & it is fully equipped with Oxygen, Ventilator, ACLS Drugs IV supplies & Scoop stretchers.

  • Train ambulance facility all over India. We provide 100% comfortable and safe journey.
  • The cost of the services will range from Rs. 70k to 1 lacs .
  • Train ambulance services are very demanding as it is less expensive as compared to air ambulance service.
  • The Paramedic/ Doctor available
  • MAA Ambulancepatient whether he/she is on the ventilator or having high oxygen, can travel smoothly in train. Train ambulances are also very safe as compared to ground ambulance service or air ambulance service. known as top Train ambulance facilities provider in India.
  • all life-saving equipment like ventilator, oxygen cylinders, suction pumps, cardiac monitor, etc. For train ambulance service
  •  MAA Ambulance Services AC II tier or AC III tier of the available fastest train and put all our lifesaving equipment in that.